May 17, 2016

Pentagon Performance, Inc. is the Highlight of ATCA

Atlantic City, NJ – Amidst a bustling gathering of more than 500 aviation industry professionals in Atlantic City, NJ this week, it was once again Pentagon Performance, Inc. (PPI) that stole the show.

The 2016 Air Traffic Controllers Association (ATCA) Tech Symposium opened its doors at the Resorts Hotel in Atlantic City, welcoming hundreds of aviation and aerospace specialists to peruse the latest and greatest innovations in air traffic management and safety.

With a special showing at the Tech Tuesday event held at the William J. Hughes FAA Technical Center, Pentagon Performance displayed its capabilities as the only private-industry participant.

“It’s quite an honor for us,” said PPI CEO Anthony La Sure.  “Our partners in industry already know what our business is capable of, but it’s a rare day when we get up close and personal with the public sector and get to explore the ways our capabilities can help make the National Airspace System safer and more efficient.”

With a booth located in the “Drone Zone” section of the event, PPI turned heads with its crowd favorite, the Universal Cockpit, alongside its Cropcam UAS and SATCOM infrastructure. 

“In this industry there are hundreds of commercial UAS operators, but most people haven’t seen or even considered that a single company could offer such a robust offering of UAS solutions.”

PPI joined the conference as a featured member of the Stockton Aviation & Research Technology Park (SARTP), currently under construction on the FAA Technical Center campus in Egg Harbor, NJ.  Upon its completion, the SARTP will become a dynamic center of aviation innovation and modernization, bringing together dozens of corporations on the forefront of the industry.

“We chose to feature PPI because they understand and actively pursue our goals of innovation, safety, and bringing economic growth to Atlantic County and the State of New Jersey.  Beyond just their capabilities, which are impressive, it’s their commitment to bringing jobs to the county that made them a no brainer for the showcase.”

By early 2017, PPI plans to relocate the manufacturing of its Cropcam UAS to Atlantic County from its current location in Canada.

“Atlantic County is my home,” said La Sure.”  It’s my children’s’ home.  We don’t do what we do solely for ourselves, we want to leave a mark on the entire community, the entire state.  Every job feeds not only one person but that person’s entire family.  It’s the key to improving our community.  We’re looking forward, that’s what PPI does.”

For 60 years the Air Traffic Control Association has been dedicated to the progress and preservation of a safe flight environment. The ATCA Tech Symposium is the association’s premier technical event.  As the sole private sector attendee, PPI is well on its way to improving the community it has dedicated itself to.    

May 5, 2016

Pentagon Performance Stands Out Amongst Drone Operators at AUVSI

New Orleans, LA -- Each day the skies become more crowded with the drones of FAA-approved commercial operators.  In this risk-laden industry of saturated with young corporations most carve out their niche and remain there.  Pentagon Performance does not.

An FAA-approved commercial operator of Unmanned Aircraft, Pentagon Performance, Inc. (PPI) completes all of the standard industry services, including precision agriculture surveys and aerial photography, however that is where all similarities with their competitors end.

“We provide the full spectrum of UAS services and solutions,” said PPI CEO Anthony La Sure.  “Our goal is to create customized and all-encompassing solutions that cover all the bases.  We have vehicles ranging from small rotorcraft to 30ft wingspan airplanes.  We’ve left no stone unturned.

Indeed, they haven’t.  Seeking to compete for and complete any conceivable mission, PPI operates three vehicles, a small multirotor and fixed-wing, both with endurances exceeding an hour, and a two passenger airplane outfitted for unmanned flight that can fly for 14 hours. 

Beyond flight operations PPI also offers a full training curriculum and certification program for UAS, secure fixed and mobile satellite communications services, data management, and a one-of-a-kind mobile ground control station (GCS).

“We weren’t satisfied with only flying, we want to provide the entire solution and help the industry grow and evolve. That’s where our universal cockpit came into play.”

Resembling something from a science fiction novel, Pentagon’s universal cockpit is a GCS and training simulator that allows for comfortable, mobile operations for long endurance operations for up to 24 hours.  It fully immerses the pilot in the mission, placing all the real-time data needed at the operator’s fingertips. 

“It definitely drives the most traffic to our booth here at AUVSI,” La Sure said. “ The cockpit is something people simply haven’t seen before, and provides a level of comfort and immersion unseen up until now.  But it’s bigger than that. It embodies our mission at PPI.  Revolutionizing UAS operations through robust, all-encompassing services that innovate and push the industry further.”

If innovation is PPI’s goal, they’ve certainly succeeded thus far.   


Feb 24, 2016

FAA Grants Pentagon Performance, Inc Section 333 Waiver Exemption

Newark, NJ – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Pentagon Performance, Inc. (PPI) a waiver of exemption from Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, thus allowing PPI to conduct commercial Unmanned Aircraft operations in the United States.

PPI has been approved to conduct commercial operations for the purpose of data collection for precision agriculture, coastal research, fish and wildlife, GIS surveys, utility/power line inspections, storm damage, and search and rescue.

With the waiver PPI becomes one of the first businesses in New Jersey to be approved for UAS operations. Already the manufacturer of the venerable Cropcam platform, PPI is currently developing its own multirotor UAS in a joint venture with Atlas Aerospace.  Last year PPI acquired a CTLE light sport airplane with a 30ft wingspan, and has outfitted the craft to be flown autonomous. 

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